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Aurantiaco Holding SA was created by Luigi in 2013 and has rapidly grown its portfolio by investing in high potential, innovative entrepreneurs that understand the technological transformation of our era. The philosophy is to invest and brilliant, innovative entrepreneurs with high potential ideas that leverage new technologies and deeply understand how businesses and consumers are changing.

Today, Aurantiaco Holding SA portfolio includes 3 successful companies focused on the following areas:

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The eBusiness Institute is focused on enabling medium-large corporations to design and execute the digital transformation agenda. Our focus is to provide clients with structured, scalable and standardized information on three practices:

  1. Design the overall Digital Transformation agenda
  2. Win with Retailers in an Omnichannel World
  3. Transform the Consumer Experience.

EBI has more than 25 employees working from Geneva, Switzerland and other locations around the World.

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Nespresso Case Study

Nespresso has mainly been selling through their own Direct to Consumers (DTC) website. However, knowing that today, more than 55% of consumer start their product search on Amazon, or on other e-retailers websites, Nespresso needed to make sure that they could capture that audience at their various purchase moments, thus driving sales. For a brand that places extreme emphasis on the “experience” the extra challenge is in providing at e-retailers the same quality of content as on the DTC website.

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Decrypto makes Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain projects accessible. Our goal is to democratize access to the complex World of Blockchain and its coins, allowing individuals to understand and trade.

Decrypto provides education as well as a behind the scene look into how a group of traders makes investment decisions so that anyone can take its chance at tapping into the opportunity of a lifetime!

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Decrypto co-founder participated as a guest speaker at the “Understanding bitcoins and cryptocurrencies” talk host by the Young Executive Committee of the Italian Chamber of Commerce for Switzerland.

The Future We Live

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Technology is enabling managers to be set free from the cage set by the company they work for. What would you do if your company gets disrupted tomorrow? Are you ready to go back to the job market? What do you have to offer to a modern company? How are you going to differentiate yourself from the many others that have exactly your competencies? If you are not asking yourself these questions, if you don’t have clear that the future we live in is going to make your job obsolete, take the time to reflect and reconsider.

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Smarterchains is a digital platform helping manufacturers drive margin improvement and customer centricity by leveraging new technological capabilities.

The #1 problem of manufacturing leaders is to decide where to start the transformation towards Factory of the Future.

The #2 is the selection of the right vendors. Smarterchains helps leaders understand what Industry 4.0 revolution means for their manufacturing operations, guiding them through a structured journey that simplifies the decision making, prioritization and sourcing industries to stay ahead of the pack.

We cover:

  • Where you are with your Factory of the Future Readiness
  • Where you can go
  • How to get there
  • Who do you need (what new vendors solutions/tech exist in the fast-paced technology market)
  • What others are doing (internal and external benchmarking)
  • And all this while engaging the majority of your manufacturing people in the transformation journey.

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Smarterchains has built an easy to use, digital platform that incorporates artificial intelligence for a continuous improvement process to help factories in 4 different ways:

  1. Where you are – Assess operations and technology stack to understand the potential recoverable losses as well as the level of the factory of the future readiness.
  2. Where you can go & How to get there: Guide by providing the factory of the future roadmaps, a decision making and prioritization tool to identify the most relevant industry 4.0 technologies to drive the most margin improvement while shifting towards a customer centric approach
  3. Who do you need – With clarity on your factory of the future roadmaps: Connect with industry 4.0 vendors through our marketplace, so you can source the best partners to achieve your objectives
  4. What others are doing: Benchmark your own plants and decide on the best Factory of The Future strategy; compare with yours and other

The rise of the “breathing” supply chain another
great opportunity for the Industrial Internet
of Things

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Information is the bread and butter of supply chain management.

We always plan in order to source, make, ship or return. Nothing moves unless is planned to do so.

Supply chain planning systems have been around forever helping to optimise a supply network with many distribution centers, factories, suppliers, SKU’s, product lanes, and endless production / location combinations.

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A unique content agency for a World in constant transformation. Born as a project of EBI to allow its clients to execute on recommendations, it is growing its own client base thanks to the perfect blend between decades of advertising and communication and a perfect understanding of the digital consumer.

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