The Future We Live In

The past is over, the present is fleeting; we live in the future

— Ray Kurzweil

13 November 2018

Luigi Matrone, CEO & Founder of eBusiness Institute, is helping change the game

The eBusiness Institute has shown itself to be a leader in helping companies adapt to technological changes in order to remain relevant and competitive. eBusiness Institute’s CEO, Luigi Matrone, will feature as a guest speaker at “Innovations for Tomorrow: Implications of the 4th Industrial Revolution,” taking place on the 14th Of November in Bucharest, Romania, […]
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12 November 2018

The Evolving Role of Brand Management and its Future

Living brands tell a story. They capture and captivate consumers anytime, anywhere. This is more true than ever before as we are on the go and constantly connected. The customer chooses, what to search for, when to buy, where to buy, how to buy, or not to buy. This shift inevitably means a change in […]
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16 October 2018

Debunking the Myths around Product eContent Marketing Part 2

“The problem in our company is that the digital team has carved out a space for themselves and they are not integrated with the rest of the organisation”. Does this sound familiar? In our first article, we helped dispel some common myths around Product and Content Marketing. It’s not about Brand building, the shopper is […]
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5 October 2018

Debunking the Myths of Product eContent Marketing Part 1

It’s been a beautiful day in Amsterdam where I have just finished speaking in front of senior CPG leaders, ranting and raving about how to evolve traditional businesses once and for all. My gin & tonic in hand, I’m talking to a small group of participants who ask me: “The problem in our company is […]
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18 September 2018

Overcome the threat within: integrate marketing and sales

The eBusiness Institute is fast emerging as a leading authority on how companies should adapt to remain or re-gain competitiveness in a rapidly changing world. eBusiness Institute’s CEO, Luigi Matrone, will be on a panel with global giants Amazon and PepsiCo at the OxfordSM ‘Business NOT as usual’ event in Amsterdam on 27 September 2018, […]
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6 December 2017

Digital advertisings best kept secret lies in retail

Online Retailers transformation is wide and wild. While few are experimenting with AR, VR or AI, most are trying to monetize their high-traffic, high-value Real Estate: Web Pages! Once a mere digital shelf; today’s online retail environment is utterly dynamic and offers a unique opportunity for brands to advertise their offer at the moment of […]
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31 May 2017

The Future We Live In

What follows is the text version of my keynote speech at the Procter & Gamble eVolution event on May 30th, 2017. I have decided to publish it because I believe managers need to be reminded of the disruptive times we live in and take massive action. It is a long read so I will be glad […]
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10 June 2016

No you can’t build 2 companies at once

It’s been four years since I left Procter & Gamble to navigate the World and become an entrepreneur. The lessons I learnt in the journey are hard to put on paper, mostly because someone else has already done the job for me. However it seems that, no matter how many times seasoned entrepreneurs write about […]
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