The Future We Live In

The past is over, the present is fleeting; we live in the future

— Ray Kurzweil

14 June 2019

Subscription Economy: Between Fears and Desires – Transforming every industry, one monthly payment at a time – Part 1

Welcome to the blog series investigating the booming subscription economy and how it affects you and your business. Split into 3 pivotal areas, we will look at:  Part 1: Introducing the subscription economy and the reasons why consumers love subscriptions Part 2: What makes the subscription shift difficult Part 3: How to start exploring subscriptions […]
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4 June 2019

Livestreaming: the latest trend in eCommerce

Table of contents China leading the Livestream trend US platforms incorporate livestreaming Interactive online shopping trips Mention livestreaming in the West, and the first thing that comes to mind is gaming. Twitch is arguably the best-known example. Founded in 2011, Twitch is the world’s most popular livestream gaming platform with more than 2 million unique streamers every […]
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21 May 2019

The next business platform might as well be your car

  Why cars in the ‘near’ future are turning into business platforms, and lessons for leaders that are afraid of disrupting their business model. Whenever talks are held on the future of the automotive sector, most expect to hear about breakthroughs in autonomous driving, to finally remove the chore of steering from A to B […]
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27 March 2019

Guest Interview: eSports and FMCG marketing dollars, the perfect marriage?

Table of content Zeno, why are eSports so important for FMCG brands? In what way can FMCG brands take advantage of eSports? Which brands are doing it right? What should brands consider when looking to work within the eSports ecosystem? Do you have any other advice for brands seeking to adapt to this emerging market? […]
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11 March 2019

Why Retail is Becoming a Big Tech Business and What Data has to do with it

In the south of Italy, the tradition of small proximity retail stores is surviving despite the power of both large retail chains and eCommerce. Taking pride of place amongst these stores is the traditional delicatessen, the ‘salumeria‘. Entering a typical salumeria is an experience in itself that only those who have had the privilege to witness first […]
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27 February 2019

Are We on the Verge of Re-defining Our Real & Physical World? – Part I

From Fax Machines to Fortnite to Virtual Reality; a Brief History of How Technology is Affecting Our Idea of “places” Digitalisation has been transforming our interactions from physical to digital for decades and new technologies like virtual reality will continue to foster such transformation. Recognising the true impact of digital in our past might give us the […]
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16 January 2019

LG makes “Evolving Intelligence”​ the Heart of its Vision

The 5200 seats at the Park MGM theater are filled up with CES 2019 attendees, media and VIPs waiting to hear from Dr. I.P. Park, President andChief Technology Officer LG Electronics during the opening keynote of this grandiose edition of the Consumer Electronic Show. LG made the news during the pre-opening by revealing that the first roll up TV, a much […]
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14 January 2019

Is 5G the technology enabler we have been waiting for?

Walking the floors of CES2019 I could see two constant elements, the white “humans” Google Assistants of the “Hey Google” Assistant (I will talk about them in another article) and 5G in big, really big, letters (above, an image taken from the Verizon keynote). From Qualcomm to Intel, from Verizon to AT&T to any of […]
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11 December 2018

Retailerii trebuie sa investeasca minim 30% din bugetul de promovare in marketingul digital pentru a avea rezultate

This article was orginaly posted at Oamenii petrec din ce in ce mai mult timp in online, iar comportamentul acestora in ceea ce priveste cumparaturile s-a schimbat de-a lungul anilor impingand companiile sa dezvolte noi strategii de marketing prin intermediul carora sa ramana conectati la nevoile lor. Despre cum evolueaza trendurile in marketingul digital […]
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