The Future We Live In

The past is over, the present is fleeting; we live in the future

— Ray Kurzweil

6 February 2020

Five technology trends that will disrupt consumer interaction in the 2020s

  In this year’s first edition of our CEO newsletter, Luigi Matrone reveals the technology trends that he believes will most disrupt the way that brands interact with consumers in the 2020s.   Global connectivity will reach new heights  Today’s skyrocketing connectivity is bringing an additional 4 billion people online, driving tens of trillions of […]
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5 February 2020

A five-step approach to creating stellar Product eContent

  eBusiness Institute CEO & Founder Luigi Matrone is a contributor to the prestigious Forbes Agency Council, where experts share best practices with the Forbes business community. In an article he wrote for Forbes, he describes the five-step process we use at eBusiness Institute to create stellar Product eContent that generates excellent product online and offline sales for our clients.   […]
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23 January 2020

Wonderflow interview with Luigi Matrone

  Wonderflow – the customer feedback solution that turns the Voice of the Customer into actionable insights – recently did an interview with me, as part of a series that aims to inspire and aid true customer-centricity. The series looks to highlight the implementation and integration of customer experience and the voice of the customer in different […]
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26 November 2019

How your brand can boost its online sales this holiday season

  With the holiday season fast approaching, our CEO Luigi Matrone shows you strategies and tactics your business should implement to take full advantage of this incredible annual eCommerce sales opportunity.  It almost goes without saying it that the holiday season represents fantastic eCommerce sales opportunities for brands. Holiday season spending hit an astronomical $998.32 […]
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25 October 2019

Email marketing – the best ‘new’ old way to engage your audiences

Time has been called on email marketing more times than we can remember. But, as I will demonstrate, email marketing is very much alive and kicking – and remains a vital part of brand strategy. Let’s read on to learn more.   Email is dead! Long live social media! We’ve heard this exclaimed in one way […]
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15 October 2019

How VR and AR are shaping the future of eCommerce

What is it about Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality (VR and AR) that has brands and eRetailers bouncing around and getting so excited? We explored the Evolution of eCommerce during a series of blog posts. Here, we take a deeper dive into how these emerging technologies can shape the future of eCommerce – and ask if your […]
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17 September 2019

Getting down with the kids on TikTok

It’s Back to School time, and our CEO newsletter makes its return from the summer break! In this latest issue, eBusiness Institute Founder Luigi Matrone reveals why business leaders need to get into a truly youthful mindset to engage with young audiences through TikTok that other marketing channels simply can’t reach. I recently wrote an article entitled TikTok – it’s […]
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10 September 2019

TikTok – it’s time brands got involved

It’s ‘Back to school’ time again, when kids, teenagers and young adults head to the new school, college or university year with tons of shiny new things in their pockets and backpacks. With this in mind, we look at the enormous potential of video app TikTok as a tool for influencing online shopping among young people.   With […]
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8 August 2019

Time to catch-up: the hottest summer eCommerce reading list

  The perfect time to catch up on your reading list We have brought you some of the hottest eCommerce topics throughout the year and, to inspire you over the holiday, here we will recap some of the key pieces of content that should be top of your summer reading list. We will be pausing […]
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