No you can’t build 2 companies at once

  • On June 10, 2016

It’s been four years since I left Procter & Gamble to navigate the World and become an entrepreneur. The lessons I learnt in the journey are hard to put on paper, mostly because someone else has already done the job for me. However it seems that, no matter how many times seasoned entrepreneurs write about their mistakes, until we experience them ourselves we don’t learn… at least that’s true for me.

If you name the top 10 mistakes entrepreneurs do in their first years I have likely done them all. Am I proud of it? Not necessarily but it is worth writing some of them down not to do them again while hoping that some of you reading this piece try to avoid them or at least anticipate them.

So that’s a little story of how I came up with a cool concept for a food subscription startup and how I screwed it up…

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