LG makes “Evolving Intelligence”​ the Heart of its Vision

  • On January 16, 2019

The 5200 seats at the Park MGM theater are filled up with CES 2019 attendees, media and VIPs waiting to hear from Dr. I.P. Park, President andChief Technology Officer LG Electronics during the opening keynote of this grandiose edition of the Consumer Electronic Show.

LG made the news during the pre-opening by revealing that the first roll up TV, a much awaited innovation is finally ready for your living rooms. For the opening keynote, the South Korean company has decided to focus on its vision “AI for a better life”, revealed during summer 2018 and clearly at the center of Dr. Park upstream work.

“Is technology making life better?” – asks Dr. Park. A question with an obvious answer for the CES audience. “But how much better and better how?” – continues Dr. Park. Technology has certainly made our life better by, for example, reducing the time we spend in chores; however over the last decade, technology innovation has focused in the development of other type of devices, leaving in-home technology behind.

CES conference

With the advancements we are experiencing in AI, we can work to achieve “true intelligence”: connecting devices with each other and the world around them, reducing the learning time to personalise how we experience them and how they make us experience our life… a better life where we can gain back the time we lose in low-value added tasks.

Truly intelligent machines will need 3 things:

  1. To Evolve
  2. To Connect
  3. To be Open

… and a smarter AI, like LG ThinQ, able to understand us better, sharing our preferences, lifestyle… and wishes to give us back a better life experience.

The next generation of AI will go beyond executing orders… it will anticipate them. To do so, each device needs to learn constantly (evolve) and share information with other devices through LG ThinQ. We can soon imagine a future where we don’t have to chose a program for our washing machine nor we need to plan for the food we want to eat; the evolving intelligence will help us govern our life.

While modern AI works best with lots of data, big data, for the tasks a washing machine needs to perform, big data present a problem as they require time to be shared in the cloud, processed and returned back to the devices; most home devices will work best with “small data”, shared across devices “in-situ”, with no update into the cloud (better for privacy), allowing for faster optimisation.

Last but not least, companies like LG are breaking their walls allowing others to make use of their own platforms and systems (openness). LG has made its webOS platform available and is now allowing partners to use LG ThinQ for faster, better advancements in the consumer experience.

The convergence of these trends is allowing, step by step, LG’s vision for an Evolving Intelligence. AI remains the most exciting technology out there and LG’s choice of making it the center of its opening keynote shows how all companies manufacturing or not, have to take notice, action and investments.

Luigi Matrone

CEO & Founder eBusiness Institute



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