Digital advertisings best kept secret lies in retail

  • On December 6, 2017

Online Retailers transformation is wide and wild. While few are experimenting with AR, VR or AI, most are trying to monetize their high-traffic, high-value Real Estate: Web Pages!

Once a mere digital shelf; today’s online retail environment is utterly dynamic and offers a unique opportunity for brands to advertise their offer at the moment of maximum purchase receptivity.

These days, 55% of online shoppers start their product searches on eRetailer pages, while only 28% start on search engines; over two-thirds of the entire U.S. population visit an eRetailer website every month.

Once you build such an audience, making the step to become a Media powerhouse is an easy one and giant pure-player Amazon has shown everyone the way already in 2007 when it started to sell advertising on its pages and later with the creation of the Amazon Media Group.

At EBI (the e-business institute) we have a specific name for all Media that is accessible through online retailers: Retail Digital Media (RDM). We started studying RDM more than three years ago and today it is established as a practice inside our organization.

 RDM is not the same as any other kind of Digital Media. The complexity is driven by dealing with a Retailer while selling media. Every one of you working for a medium-large corporation knows what lies behind this: collaboration between Sales, Marketing, Trade Marketing, and Media on both sides; a not-so-straightforward equation.

Yet, RDM can help companies achieve significant results and extremely high ROI (ask us about our case studies).

I’m proud to announce that we are starting today an educational series on RDM, it is for everyone working with Online Retailers and seeking stronger, better results while understanding how to navigate the complexity of what might likely be Advertising Best Kept Secret… until now!

If you are managing eCommerce, Online Retailers, eBusiness, Trade Marketing, Media, Sales or if you are a Buyer, a Media or Marketing manager at an Online Retailer or working for a Media agency, this work is for you. Our first article is on our blog and goes deeper into What is RDM and its key challenges.

You can also visit our RDM pages on our EBI Website to know more about what we do.

For more information about RDM and ways we can help, you can email me at or write directly to our RDM Experts:

–> Alexia André, RDM Practice Lead:

–> Niloo Farmand, RDM Senior Consultant:

[EDIT] A recent article in the WSJ states that big advertising giants are planning to spend 800mio over the next few years with Amazon alone. While the sum is just a small share of total advertising budgets, it shows a clear trend for the near future.


Luigi Matrone – CEO & Founder EBI



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